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Specific adjustments of the Fallguy MP3 modules

LOETRONIC's Fallguy embedded MP3 modules can be used in a variety of applications without any additional hardware. However, in some cases the customer's application demands individual adjustments. In this case, LOETRONIC offers you different ways of fitting your needs:

Adjustment of the internal firmware

LOETRONIC offers you adjustments of the internal firmware in a cost effective and quick way. The customer sets up a system specification sheet, defining the module's desired behavior. Reprogramming the firmware usually takes about one to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the desired features. In emergency cases, LOETRONIC may also handle such an inquiry in about two to three days.

Using additional hardware

  • Using additional, existing hardware
    In case the adjustment of the firmware does not suffice, some existing additional hardware adapters that have been developed by LOETRONIC already can be used. For example, see the Carrier board for the ULTRA module.
  • Developing individual hardware adapters
    Alternatively, an individual hardware adapter can be developed according to the customer's specific needs. Therefore, the customer also sets up a system specification sheet, explaining to us how this individual adapter is supposed to work. The adapter then is developed and manufactured by LOETRONIC. Such an individual development task takes more time than firmware adjustments. Expect it to be about three to six weeks.

Development of hardware from scratch

In case adjusting the firmware and using additional hardware is not suffice, LOETRONIC offers you complete development of customer specific modules.

Absolute Discretion

All customer specific adjustments/developments are treated absolutely confidential by LOETRONIC. We assure you absolute discretion. Individual developments will never be published on this website or any other public platform. This also holds true for any customer data or customer relationship between the customer and LOETRONIC.

We know about our customer demands and wishes. The majority of our customers wishes LOETRONIC to act in the background, and many customers wish to present specific developments as their own. LOETRONIC fully understands and respects this will.

Product range of Fallguy embedded MP3 modules

Comparison of the modules

What are the differences between the modules?
The basic parameters are listed in this compact table showing all MP3 modules →
Screenshot comparison Fallguy embedded MP3 modules

Connection possibilities

What can you connect?
All Fallguy MP3 modules offer per default numerous connection possibilities →
Screenshot connection possibilities Fallguy embedded MP3 modules