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Fallguy ULTRA embedded MP3 module

Universal embedded MP3 module with 3 serial High-Speed interfaces

Fallguy ULTRA MP3 module front


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Fallguy ULTRA MP3 module

Fallguy ULTRA MP3 module front

The Fallguy ULTRA MP3 module (Article-No.0132) is an universal and compact embedded module for playing compressed audio data (MP3). The MP3 module was designed for use in embedded systems and for integration in customer specific environment. It is a versatile audio module for working in rough industrial applications.

The module is equipped with a SD-card slot for using with SD cards type SD or SDHC.

Controlling the module could be done either by buttons, digital and analog inputs or via the different serial interfaces. A connection for additional electronic to connect to a RS232-, RS485-, LAN- (XPORT) or USB-interface (FTDI-IC), as well as to a LC-display is provided.

The internal firmware of the module could be adapted to the customer needs. The playback behaviour is defined through the programmed firmware.

Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Boards


Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Board

An optional adapter PCB with RS485-, LAN- and USB-interface, as well as connections for buttons a LC-display and a headphone plug is available (Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Board by LOETRONIC, Article-No.0129)

ULTRA Embedded MP3 Modul + Carrier board + Relay board

Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Board AMPII + Relay Board

A bigger adapter PCB with 2x25W amplifier, RS232- and LAN-interface, opto coupled button inputs and relay outputs is also available! (Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Board AMPII by LOETRONIC, Article-No.0136, and Relay Board by LOETRONIC for Carrier Board AMPII, Article-No.0139)

Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Board HP

ULTRA Carrier board HP

A new, much smaller adapter PCB with headphone amplifier and button inputs is available now! (Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Board HP by LOETRONIC, Article-No.0152)

Fallguy ULTRA AMPII Casing Kit

The casing kit (Article-No.0140) is an adequate casing for the Carrier Board AMPII with 2x25W amplifier.

Industrial sound applications

In a new design and with mounting rails it is the perfect choice for all industrial sound applications.

LC-Display optional

The casing is also available as a version with integrated LC-Display (Article-No.0142).

Fallguy ULTRA Casing Kit


The casing kit (Article-No.0130) carries the Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Boards with ULTRA MP3 module clipped on. Three buttons, the SD card slot and four LEDs are on the front, on the back all the interfaces are accessible.

ULTRA Serial Control Software

LOETRONIC offers the ULTRA Serial Control Software for Windows-PCs for controlling and configuring the ULTRA MP3 module and for uploading new MP3 files on the SD card. The software communicates via the RS232-, LAN- and USB-interfaces of the Carrier Boards.
Get the latest version in the ULTRA Serial Control Software Download page

Technical data - ULTRA MP3 module

Downloads Fallguy ULTRA

  • Datasheets,
  • Firmware,
  • AutoCAD drawings...

on the download page →


  • 16-Bit microcontroller MC9XD64CAA with 30 MHz
  • 64 kByte flash memory for the internal firmware
  • 4 kByte RAM
  • 1 kByte internal EEPROM for storing configuration data
  • Additional coprocessor (XGATE)


  • Hardwaredecoder (DSP) STA013
  • Decodes MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG2.5 Layer III (MP3) with up to 320 kbit/s or variable bitrate
  • Volume and equalizer control


  • High quality 24 bit / 96 dB D/A converter CS4341

Flash memory

  • SD-cards from 64 MB to 128 GB usable (SD and SDHC)
  • FAT32 file format
  • Playback length (example) with 4 GB memory and 128 kbit/s MP3 encoding about 72 hours

Operating temperature

  • -20°C to +85°C

Operating voltage

  • 3.3 V (DC) stabilized

Current consumption

  • 80 mA (typical) with SD card


  • 8 button or analog inputs for connection of buttons, sensors or relais
  • 10 digital in- or outputs
  • 1 asynchronous serial interface (UART, 3.3V level, 115.200 bps) for RS232- or RS485 connections with hardware handshake
  • 1 asynchronous serial interface (UART, 3,3V level, 921.600 bps) for LAN (XPORT) and USB connections (FTDI-IC) with hardware handshake
  • 1 CAN interface
  • 1 connection for a LC-display (4-bit)
  • 5 connections for additional LEDs
  • 1 analog audio output Line level
  • 1 digital audio output I2S

More technical data can be found in the datasheets on the download page →

RoHS compliant

RoHS compliant

The Fallguy Embedded MP3 modules comply to the RoHS guideline of the European Union (2002/95/EC).

High quality made in Germany

High quality made in Germany

The Fallguy audio modules are being developed and manufactured in Germany following highest industry and quality standards.

Product range of Fallguy embedded MP3 modules

Comparison of the modules

What are the differences between the modules?
The basic parameters are listed in this compact table showing all MP3 modules →
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Connection possibilities

What can you connect?
All Fallguy MP3 modules offer per default numerous connection possibilities →
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