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Fallguy embedded MP3 modules: sound modules, audio modules

LOETRONIC's Fallguy embedded MP3 modules serve as embedded sound modules/ audio modules in a reliable and secure manner in the following applications (amongst others):

Embedded MP3 modules: embedded sound modules, audio modules
Music jukebox; also with coin validator
Listening station in museums
Audio device for artistic installations
Audio terminal at public or touristic places
Stationary listening device for music and audio books with connected barcode scanner at the POS (Point of sales)
Audio device for sound effects in theme parks
Audio device for pyrotechnical equipment
Audio module for background music in stores and hotels (functional background music)
Emergency audio device in hotels and at public places (ELA)
Audio playback device for radio broadcast
Automatic announcement system in traffic vehicles
Networked audio device for music and audio books at the POS (Point of sales)
Networked audio device for sound effects in theme parks
Recording device for radio communication in motorsports
Recording device for training systems

Your questions, your individual needs

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks to our great experience we can offer you many options when it comes to customizing our MP3 modules. We are confident that we can provide you with an efficient solution, fitting your very specific needs.

We have sold our embedded sound modules/ audio modules all over the world, for years.

Product range of Fallguy embedded MP3 modules

Comparison of the modules

What are the differences between the modules?
The basic parameters are listed in this compact table showing all MP3 modules →
Screenshot comparison Fallguy embedded MP3 modules

Connection possibilities

What can you connect?
All Fallguy MP3 modules offer per default numerous connection possibilities →
Screenshot connection possibilities Fallguy embedded MP3 modules