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Fallguy Embedded MP3 modules: sound modules/ audio modules

The Fallguy MP3 modules are compact playback devices for MP3 audio data (sound modules/ audio modules) with Compact Flash or SD/ SDHC flash memory cards solid, compact, universal.

Product range of Fallguy embedded MP3 modules

See detailed information on our embedded modules:


Datasheets, Firmware files, AutoCAD drawings, etc.:

Comparison of the modules

What are the differences of the modules?
The basic parameters are listed in this compact table showing all MP3 modules →
Product range of Fallguy embedded MP3 modules

Connection possibilities

What can you connect?
All Fallguy MP3 modules offer per default numerous connection possibilities →


Where are the modules used?
See a list of applications in which our MP3 modules serve as sound modules/ audio modules →

Specific adjustments

Your application is very special?
We can do nearly any specific adjustment of our MP3 modules →