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Fallguy Embedded MP3 modules

Compact playback devices for MP3 files (audio modules, sound modules) with button inputs, RS232, LAN, USB and a multiplicity of GPIOs!

Designed and manu- factured in Germany

reliable · compact · universal

Which module is the right one for your application?
See the main characteristics of the Fallguy MP3 modules in a module comparison/ overview of basic parameters → module comparison

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RTC module for ULTRA Carrier Board!
February 1st 2015


LOETRONIC offers an optional RTC module for precise time controlled announcements, which can be simple sticked on the Fallguy ULTRA Carrier Board. It stores time and date information non volatile!

New software and firmware available!
February 1st 2015

The ULTRA Serial Control software is available in version V1.04 and supports now also the ULTRA REC MP3 module with recording functions. For both module families (ULTRA + ULTRA REC) a new firmware version is also available for download (including support for RTC modules).

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